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See what people are saying about the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer.

The Zephyr Ion delivers unrivaled performance.

I have had your vape for about a year now and I'm loving it!

— Robert A.

Thank you for such an awesome product. It has served me well.

— Barry W.

Very happy with the unit overall and recommended to all my friends.

— Aaron W.

The Ion is a great device and I have been loving it since day 1.

— Jonas B.

Everyone else I talk with knows; the Ion is my favorite vaporizer, and produces the best vapor of any bag vaporizer on the market, end of story.

— Scott B.

As always, above and beyond -- you guys are the best. Thanks Zephyr!

— Luke L.

Wanted to say that I love my Ion. Very awesome piece of equipment. My buddy ordered his after using mine. We use it everyday. Excellent design.

— Mike K.

First off I love my Zephyr. Seriously. I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years and I sweet talk my Zephyr more than her at this point. Beyond the great customer service I got, and the cool app to control the unit, I think this product is the best option on the market.

— Dan R.

I have been using the Zephyr Ion for a few months now and I really enjoy it, it is the best vaporizer I have ever used.

— Chris C.

I have owned a Zephyr Ion Vaporizer for around 3 years. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.

— Matt P.

I have been using your vaporizer for the past 5 years. I absolutely love it and it has worked flawlessly so far.

— Nick A.

I love the Ion, thanks so much. It's a well built machine that my friends are raving about putting in their own orders as they love how efficient it is too. Takes only 2 minutes to heat up and seconds to fill the bag. You guys done a great job!

— Rory M.

I want to thank you for the amazing customer support, and for making my day!

— Nicholas P.

I use them all from portable vaporizers to tabletop and for home/group use, you guys are the best. I sampled your product years ago and bought one day later. Features like the basket having a handle as opposed to other designs that have come apart multiple times on other models. Just know that I tell everyone who will listen that your product is hands down the best I have ever used. Too many reasons to list (but here are a few): better bag system, better basket when hot or cleaning, EXTRA BAGS TO MAKE INTO ANY SIZE. Love you guys!

— Joseph S.

You guys have been great, when I had trouble at first you suggested air pump hose had come loose from stem. Your suggestion was right on the money. Love this vaporizer. Keep up your great work. You have a satisfied customer for life.

— Leslie C.

My Zephyr arrived and is working great! Thanks so much for your help! Your customer service was excellent. I will do my best to refer friends and family as well as speak well of your company.

— Daniel P.

I have become a walking advertisement for the Ion. I want the whole world to know what an amazing vaporizer it is! I have lost track of how many people I have told what an outstanding machine it is. Is it perfect? What is? In my humble opinion it is the best bag vaporizer on the market at this point in time, hands down! The vapor it produces is very flavorful and non-irritating. The Ion's temperature control is accurate as heck. I have never seen a vaporizer hold a temperature as well as the Ion does.

— Scott B.

Absolutely love my Ion. I've used competitors and nothing can come close to the quality and efficiency I receive from my Ion.

— Jared Y.

I love this vaporizer easy to use, easy to clean, smooth.

— Janet K.

My friend and I have owned two Zephyr Ions for several years now and show them off to all our friends. Nothing but great things to say about the machines and your fantastic customer service / repair team.

— Joe E.

Thank you so much! Everything looks phenomenal. I'm super excited to have my Zephyr up and operational again, and I couldn't have done it without your help. You guys were really nice to work with, and you really have a quality product.

— Luke L.

You guys are absolutely amazing after all of this time you found my order and you made it right. Where can I go to praise your company and your customer service? I will leave a review on every website and tell everyone. It would have been so easy for you guys to say that after all this time you couldn't find my order. Thank you again for the fantastic job you have done.

— Guy S.

The greatest vape I've owned and still works like a champ after 4 years.

— Chris H.

I love the Zephyr and will never buy a different desktop vape again.

— Bryan B.

I purchased a Zephyr Ion last Christmas and have been extremely pleased with the quality and effectiveness of your product.

— Cody C.

Best vaporizer. Best customer service. Forget the others. The all time best vaporizer on the market is the Zephyr Ion. It's a high quality product, that is sturdy, reliable, with terrific bells and whistles like a USB cord so your vap is ready when you are, and plenty of replacement parts. My favorite feature is the valve button on the mouthpiece, which allows you to fill the bag, and then inhale the vapor as you wish over a 30 minute period of time. Gone are the days of walking around with your finger over the stem of the bag, which now that I look back on it, was ridiculously inconvenient. The valve allows me to enjoy the vapor as I wish. Easy to clean, easy to empty, and the back end customer service on the is over the top. I have recommended four friends so far, and every one has thanked me. Use the Zephyr Ion and you will be spoiled for life. If you're thinking of buying one, just do it. You never will be sorry.

— Donna P.

Great product and I love that I can come to this site and get the parts that are expected to have to be replaces screens, rubber seals, filters, etc. You've made this very simple and I have no complaints this thing rocks way better than anything I've tried!

— Chad D.

I picked up a Zephyr, thought I would tell you that it is a high quality product. I have used many different manufactures vaporizer costing much more and the Zephyr produces much more consistent vapor. Thank you.

— Sean L.

I used the Zephyr Ion the other day for the first time. "Wow"! was the first thing that popped into my head. This product will pay for itself in no time. It's so efficient. True flavors come shinning through without a doubt, and the effectiveness is unbelievable. The vapor tastes so stable and clean, it felt like I was inhaling ozone, or something really sterile! I loved the digital controls and the USB port for easy updates. Great work on the Zephyr Ion. In my opinion this is the best product in it's class at any price, period!

— William A.

My life was changed the other day. I'd never used a vaporizer. I thought they were really a myth. How can they operate without burning anything? Then the Zephyr Ion entered my life. The manual was very simple to skim and get the Zephyr Ion operating. I think it was a total of 4 minutes from opening the box. There are other features, like USB connectivity. Each unit ships with 2 mouthpieces with bag attached with several extra bags and closures. A very well-designed and fantastic product. Simple to use, easy to clean and effective.

— TK T.

My review of the Zephyr Ion is that this is a phenomenally crafted piece of machinery. This vaporizer functions above and beyond the other competing brands, and is half the price. While the cost, convenience and craftsmanship of this vaporizer are enough to sell most consumers, I was won over by another aspect. This company has the best customer service of any company I have had the pleasure of dealing with in recent decades. A long lost key component of a company's ability to survive and thrive is how well you treat the customer. Let me tell you that with a product like this and support like that, Zephyr will be a breath of fresh air once they ascend to the top. Trust this products worth and trust the company that makes it, thank you and happy vaporizing.

— Jake H.

Got my Zephyr back and running great! Thank you Zephyr! Well worth the money to have it serviced!

— Jay V.

I've tried many of the other vaporizers on the market, and for the price, Zephyr beats them all. It's much cheaper, is easy to use, and the vapor that comes out of it is very easy on the throat compared to the other brands of vaporizers and even cleaner than pen vapes.

— Jennifer M.

Thank you again. Your steadfast reply and dedication to me, your customer, even after 2 years is remarkable. I wish you the best of luck, and may this new year breathe new life into your company and business.

— Anthony L.

So happy with the Zephyr I was so worried you guys would forget the lid but I got it and everything is great. Just saying thanks a ton you guys did a lot better job with the whole process than most companies would have.

— Jared Y.

Hi guys I'm a proud owner of your Zephyr Ion and I'd like to say its a fantastic piece of equipment I own other brands of vapourizer and I can say the Zephyr comes out on tops winner for me.

— Crawford S.