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The Zephyr Ion produces the purest aromatherapy vapor possible.

  • We specifically designed the Ion to provide the highest quality vapor. State-of-the-art components eliminate impurities and ensure flavorful vapor in every bag.

The Ion’s vapor path is constructed out of the best quality components available and a custom ceramic heating element to guarantee purity during the entire vaporizing process.

  • The Ion is the only vaporizer on the market to use food-grade silicon and Teflon for all plastic parts that come into contact with the heated air.
  • The Ion’s ceramic heating element has 25 air channels surrounding 8 heating coils – this configuration ensures that the air never touches any metal as it’s heated.


The Zephyr Ion offers the most value of any tabletop vaporizer.

  • We created the Ion because we believe that a good vaporizer should not come with an outrageous price tag. Too often, a choice has to be made between quality and affordability.
  • At half the cost of similar vaporizer models, the Ion outperforms them all but for a reasonable price.

The Ion is made from the best quality parts available and backed by our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • At Zephyr, we maintain rigorous quality control standards and regularly evaluate all of our component suppliers to guarantee that we are using only the best quality parts.
  • The Ion's 2 year manufacturer warranty covers any defects in material, operation and workmanship.
  • During this period, we will repair or replace any defects free of charge.

The Ion’s custom-designed valve and solid construction minimize lost vapor and ensure efficient, effective use of your aromatic plant material.

  • Our patented valve design forms a tight seal with the Ion as bags are filled to prevent vapor loss and includes a stopper that retracts with the push of a button to keep vapor from escaping the bag once it’s filled.

Ease of Use

Zero assembly or set-up required. The Ion is ready to use right out of the box.

  • Simply plug in the Ion, turn it on, load it with your aromatic plant material, and you are ready to fill your first bag.
  • The Ion’s heavy-duty, 10-foot-long cord allows for comfortable operation in almost any setting.

The Zephyr Ion was designed for easy one-handed use: from picking up the unit to filling the basket to bag operation.

  • The neck of the Ion provides a perfect grip. It's easy to carry using only one hand.
  • The Ion's basket has a convenient handle that keeps hands away from hot parts. It’s easy and quick to fill one-handed.
  • You only need one hand to attach the bag to the base – you just push the button on the bag’s valve and slide it onto the straw. When the valve button is not pressed, it automatically closes to keep any vapor from escaping.

The Ion heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

  • The Ion's heating element was custom designed to heat quickly and is ready to go less than 3 minutes after it is powered on.
  • A cleaning once every 3 months with average use is more than enough. And because the Ion was designed to have very few moving parts, it doesn’t take long to give it a comprehensive clean.

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My Ion functions above and beyond the other competing brands, and is half the price!

— Jake H.More Testimonials