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My Zephyr Ion is not functioning correctly, what should I do?

Check first that your Ion is plugged in and turned on. There will be a red screen and red light when your Ion is plugged in and off. If your Ion is plugged in and the lights are not on, make sure the outlet is working by testing with another appliance i.e. cell phone charger.

My Zephyr Ion will not heat up, how do I reset it?

Set your Ion to lowest temperature, which is 100°F, then switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius then switch back to Fahrenheit. This process will reset the electronics for the heating element. To switch between F and C press both temperature control buttons at the same time.

Why is the bag on my Zephyr Ion not filling?

Confirm that the pump is working by pressing the Air button and listening for the sound of the pump. If you cannot hear the pump, uunplug the Ion, wait fifteen seconds, and plug the device back in.

If the pump is audible and working, confirm the following: the basket and the basket cover washer (the silicon washer that fits into the lid / basket cover) are in place and seated correctly, the valve with bag attached is firmly seated on the Ion's white straw output, and the bag is not obstructing airflow into the valve.

The basket cover washer keeps falling out of the lid / basket cover, how do I get it to stay in place?

Remove the washer and clear the area that it fits into of any residual aromatic plant material. Use rubbing alcohol if necessary – if the area is not clear, it makes it more likely that the washer will fall out. Once the area is clean, take a screen and press the outside edges of the screen firmly into the center groove on the inside of the white basket cover / lid, making certain to let the screen crease along the edge of the inside groove. Then insert the washer lip side facing the mesh screen, making certain the washer is seated snug and flat. Run your fingers over it to make sure that it is in tightly and firmly.

If the above does not work, take the washer and the screen out. Clear any debris. Replace the washer first, pressing it firmly into place, then bend the screen into a dome shape and fit it into the washer with the point of the dome facing down and the sides pressed against the inside of the washer to hold it in.

Sometimes the reason that the basket washer keeps falling out is due to the stiffness of the hinge pins on brand new Ions. Because there is less play in new hinge pins, the rear edge of the basket can touch the rear edge of the basket washer and pop the washer out. To close the lid without the washer popping out, push down on the wide center of the hinge that is attached the Ion itself with your thumb and pull up on the two narrow outside parts of the hinge that are attached to the lid with two of your fingers. As you are doing this, gently close the lid. As the hinge pins wear, this problem typical resolves itself.

Why is my Zephyr Ion leaking when I run it?

First, observe whether your Ion is leaking from inside the unit, i.e. under the lid, or from the valve. If the leak originates from the unit itself, confirm that the basket cover washer is properly positioned and in place (see above).

If the leak is coming from the valve, confirm the following:

  • the valve is firmly seated on the straw by pushing down firmly with the button fully depressed while twisting slightly around the straw
  • the bag is not obstructing airflow into the valve
  • the zip-tie holding the bag to the nozzle is situated with the zip-tie clasp oriented over the tip of the teardrop shaped silicon ring around the valve connection. Since zip-ties are not perfectly round when closed, this will ensure an airtight connection.

How do I make replacement bags from the roll of bag material?

Cut a section to the length you would like the new bag to be. Then close one end with a zip tie and attach the other end to the valve as shown here. The rest of the bag can be saved and used by cutting sections as needed.

How much power / electricity does the Ion use?

The Ion uses approximately 3.2 amps while it is heating up. Once heated, it hardly requires any except for the occasional pull of 1.5 amps for a couple seconds to maintain heat. When filling the bag, the Ion uses 0.2 amps. Wattage consumption is 350 watts when the Ion is heating up, then it goes to 2 watts (power consumption to keep the lights on) once the unit is hot. The Ion will use 10-15 watts at intervals to maintain temperature. The Ion uses 17-19 watts when the pump is on.

How do I disassemble the Valve?

The valve / mouthpiece can be taken apart by prying open the two seams on it. There is a seam between the valve cap (the part you take off to replace bags) and the rest of the valve. Pry that open using your fingers or a butter knife. Once that is off, look for another seem that runs perpendicular to the first one. It is on the other end of the valve form the white button. Pry that open (being careful of the spring, which likes to pop out). To clean, pop the white button out and then soak all the parts in alcohol overnight before reassembling. When reassembling, make sure that the spring is seated correctly so that the valve button works.

Should none of the above create the optimal experience with your Zephyr® Ion or you have questions that aren't covered on this page, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide further assistance.