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Zephyr RepairDear Customers and Zephyr Fans,

Things have been busy at Zephyr since our last update. So busy, in fact, that this update is somewhat overdue. We’re excited to announce significant improvements to the Zephyr Ion itself, as well as to our website and customer support over the coming weeks.

Our online store is once again open and we have brand new Zephyr Ions available. We also plan to announce a sale on Ions later this month. Stay tuned for details!

One of the most significant developments of the past year was the fact that we were able to reopen our repair center after an extended hiatus and begin fixing Ions for customers who had broken units. This occurrence was particularly meaningful to us due to the emphasis we place on quality production and excellent service for every Ion that Zephyr Vaporizers produces. It was great to finally be able to help out customers who were experiencing problems with their units or were in need of parts that had previously been unavailable. If you happen to have a Zephyr Ion that is not operating correctly, please submit a repair request and we will look forward to getting it fixed.

We’ve also been working to replace Ions that customers sent in for warranty repair and have not received back. If you sent your Ion in for repair and have not received it back, please contact us. We are committed to replacing any missing Ions.

Zephyr Vaporizers

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