A high quality product, that is sturdy, reliable

Best vaporizer. Best customer service. Forget the others. The all time best vaporizer on the market is the Zephyr Ion. It’s a high quality product, that is sturdy, reliable, with terrific bells and whistles like a USB cord so your vap is ready when you are, and plenty of replacement parts. My favorite feature is the valve button on the mouthpiece, which allows you to fill the bag, and then inhale the vapor as you wish over a 30 minute period of time. Gone are the days of walking around with your finger over the stem of the bag, which now that I look back on it, was ridiculously inconvenient. The valve allows me to enjoy the vapor as I wish. Easy to clean, easy to empty, and the back end customer service on the is over the top. I have recommended four friends so far, and every one has thanked me. Use the Zephyr Ion and you will be spoiled for life. If you’re thinking of buying one, just do it. You never will be sorry.

Donna P. January 14, 2014

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