Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Promotional Video

The Zephyr Ion is unrivaled when it comes to ease of use, vapor purity, and value. Designed to work with whips and bags, it is unrivaled by any other tabletop vaporizer. Check out the video below to learn all about the Ion’s innovative features, including its digital temperature control, patented valve system, and custom ceramic heating element. See all our videos on our Videos page.


Operating the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer — Video

Although it is long overdue, we are excited to announce the release of our full length instructional video for the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer. It includes step-by-step instructions for using the Ion with both the included bags or whip. Also, there are some tips and tricks for optimal use.

Watch the whole video below or on our Videos page. We still have one more video in the release queue, so check back in the next week or so to see what it is!


Every so often, we hear from a custom with a question about their Ion vaporizer along the lines of “What is this round piece of foam? Where do I put it?”

That round piece of foam is the Zephyr Ion’s air filter and goes in the bottom of the device, under a removable cover. Check out the full video below or on our Videos page for all the details. More videos to come in the next few days as soon as we finish editing. If you have any questions about the air filter that aren’t answered by the video, please contact us!


Changing the Zephyr Ion’s Screens — Video

Changing the screens in your Zephyr Ion is quick swap with the right technique. To show the steps and tips in detail, we’ve just released a video that shows how to change the Ion’s screens. You can watch it below or on our Videos page. We’ll be releasing some more videos over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for those. And if you have any questions about screen changing or your Zephyr Ion in general, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Whip Release

zephyr-ion-vaporizer-whipThe long-awaited whip for the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer is finally here and available in our store. A last minute delay with our silicon supplier pushed the released date back into December, but now the whips are in-stock and ready to ship!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’d like to thank our loyal customers for patiently bearing with us while we worked to release the whip. To reward your patience, we’re offering a free whip to all existing owners. To claim your free whip, please fill out this form and we will mail you a coupon code good for a free whip for your Ion.